Preserving Maine’s Agricultural Heritage – Early Agricultural Societies and their Trotting Parks – The History of Harness Racing in the State of Maine – Featuring Nelson 4209 – 19th Century Vintage Images – Profiles of Maine Harness Horsemen – Celebrating the Age When the Horse was King!


This site is building. We will be here to celebrate the life of the Nelsons and all the other glorious horses, men and women of Maine’s harness racing heritage.
The mission of the Lost Trotting Parks Heritage Center is to preserve the stories and images of the 19th century to present day that illustrate the history of Maine’s harness racing, lost trotting parks, fairs, agricultural societies, Granges, and the significance of the of the horse in society. Our plan is to reach our mission is through Preservation, Education, Promotion and Partnerships. Through the Center’s website and educational outreach to Maine school students, community organizations, agricultural fairs, and businesses, the Center will retell the once told stories of a slice of Maine history that is quickly being forgotten. Most Mainers have lost their connection to the horse and the horse’s contribution to a past way of life. Maine people who work in the harness racing industry are today’s living history of the age when the horse was king. Through your financial support of the Lost Trotting Parks Heritage Center, you will help to tell the stories of Maine Harness Racing and horse breeding throughout the ages.