The Newsroom provides viewers with storyboard views of newspaper and periodicals from the 19th century through the 20th century. In the 19th century horses were often one of the lead stories on the front pages of newspaper nationally and in the State of Maine. The Maine Farmer and the Turf, Farm, and Home often featured horses or other livestock on their front pages. Periodicals dedicated to the Standardbred became common across the United States. For many years our daily newspapers would have horse columns. J.W. Thompson for several years published the Maine Horse Breeders’ Quarterly. These publications demonstrate the importance of the horse in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The horse was king — our transportation to the market, worker in the fields, a warrior in the battlefield, the mover of our economy, and out entertainment on streets of our cities, our country roads, and the trotting parks that once populated the State of Maine. Our featured periodical will the Jean Emerson’s Northeast Harness News.

Jean Emerson Presents — The Northeast Harness News (1980 through 1995) Remembering 15 Years of Harness Racing

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Before you explore the Digital Maine Archives of the Northeast Harness News, please take time to read Jean Emerson’s article on the News. It is a compelling story and gives you perspective beginning in the first year of publication. Personally, I am so thankful that Jean realized the importance of sharing her work with the current the…

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American Horse Breeders — January 25, 1998 Issue

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This issue of the American Horse Breeders features an image of Waterville Maine’s champion trotting stallion, Nelson 4209. Nelson was foaled in 1882 and became a world’s champion trotting stallion in the early 1890. The image was taken from a photo of Nelson at the Readville Trotting Park in Massachusetts.  Nelson had been retired from racing in…

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