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The Maine Spirit — February 2017 Issue — The Maine Spirit at the Fair

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The February 2017 issue of S. Dexter’s The Maine Spirit of the Turf has been published. The link within this post allows you to download the issue onto your computer. This issue features the beginning of the Maine Agricultural Fair season with it January convention at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Maine. This 36…

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The “Maine Spirit” on Display at The Indiana Meadows Training Center — West Gardiner, Maine — The Stables of Kim & Wendy Ireland and Jamie Gerard

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The “Maine Spirit” Initiative presents stories and images that display Maine people demonstrating their commitment, dedication and sacrifice in order to do the work they love. The images below show the work being done at the Indiana Meadows Training Center in West Gardiner, Maine. I have spent part of two days interviewing the horsemen and women who…

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