Maine Spirit with S Dexter cr2

The February 2017 issue of S. Dexter’s The Maine Spirit of the Turf has been published. The link within this post allows you to download the issue onto your computer. This issue features the beginning of the Maine Agricultural Fair season with it January convention at the Holiday Inn by the Bay in Portland, Maine. This 36 page issue continues the “Maine Spirit” theme — the Maine Spirit at the Fair!

The issue features a photographic sampler of the Maine Association of Agricultural Fair’s convention, contact information on each fair, fair vendors, and sponsors, plus an article on MAAF president, Gerald Gilpatrick and an article by Kathryn Hunter. The final section of this issue celebrates the “Maine Spirit” of the Maine Harness Horseman.  Check it out!

My thanks to Fred Lunt, Jr. for providing MAAF contact information and Jessica Gilpatrick for scanning and sending photographs for Gerry Gilpatrick’s article. Further thanks to Kathryn Hunter for her article.

If you would enjoy writing and submitting an article to be published in The Maine Spirit, e-mail S. Dexter at