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Rebranding Lost Trotting Parks’ Maine Starting Gate Museum
for Maine’s Bicentennial through Banner Designs

Maine’s Starting Gate Museum presents Maine History atop the bedsides of a restored 67 Chevy C-10 Pick through a set of two wooden frames with hinged panels within so that when opened there are ten presentation panels that will depict images and stories Maine’s development in the 19 century. Ten banners will be mounted on the truck and ten banners will be framed with a plywood back to display are varied locations in a community or at selected Maine Agricultural Fairs. Two additional sets of banners with gromets will be printed for display at Maine fairs. In additional 24 Presentation Boards will be created on different aspects of 19th and early 20th century Maine for display at selected Maine middle schools. The Museum will be on display at seven agriculture fairs and at selected events within 50 miles of Augusta. The Presentation Boards will bring the project to selected Maine Middle Schools.

Banner Topics under Consideration:

1.Farming with Horses and Warren Long, The Old Pioneer
2. Exploring a Sampler of Maine’s Agricultural Societies
3. The Work of Civil War Musician, J.W. Thompson
4. Story of C.H. Nelson, Proprietor of Sunnyside Farm
5. Antique Maps of Maine’s Lost Trotting Parks
6. Story of George H. Libby, Civil War Soldier from Buxton, Maine
7. The Great Portland Fire
8. Along the Kennebec – Antique Maps of Maine Towns
9. The Maine Spirit & the Horse – Contemporary Images
10. Front page images for the 19th century Maine Newspaper, Turf, Farm and Home
11. Photographic images of Maine’s lost trotting parks
12. Iconic Maine Tracks – Rigby Park, the Kite Trac, Bass Park, and Maine State Fair at Lewiston
13. Maps of Maine from 1795 to 1918
14. The Aroostook County Circuit and John R Braden
15. Horses in Action: On the Farm, On the Road, In the Woods, Transportation and supporting Maine industries.
16. Early Maine Photos demonstrating the natural beauty of Maine
17. How Augusta became Maine’s Capital
18. Along the Penobscot – Antique Maps of Maine Towns
19. Along the Androscoggin – Antique Maps of Maine Towns
20. 19th Century Art — Horses of the 19th Century — Paintings of Scott Leighton, George H. Bailey, C.B. Fish and A.W. Treat
21. Maine’s Trotting Horse Heritage Trail