Chester and Jean Emerson — The Emerson Stable on the Boom Road in Saco

At this moment the Maine Spirit of the Horse Posts represent the Best of the Best Posts that have been posted in The Lost Trotting Parks Archives, The Lost Trotting Parks of New England Archives, the Imagine 19th Century Kennebec County Archives, and The Maine Harness Horsemen’s Archives. Without the research, storyboard development, and photography of the past eleven years, the Maine Spirit Blog would not exist.

In addition the contributions of many individuals and organizations have been instrumental in the creation of all content that is association with the effort to recognize and remember The Age When the Horse was King and Maine’s 90 plus lost trotting parks.

Today, most people have said farewell to the horse and hello . . . Working with horses takes us back to the authentic lives of the 19th century. The horse replaced the ox and the automobile replaced the horse. It was stated in an Australian newspaper that the automobile surpassed the horse in 1925, the year that Single G defeated John R Braden at the track in Presque Isle, Maine.

Perhaps this is my take, but it my belief, that Maine Harness Horsemen, women and their families need to tell their stories. Many still live that authentic life and dedication to their horses. These stories need to be told.

Follow this link to The Maine Spirit of the Horse Blog and read the post on Writing Your Story — Many stories are never told and many stories that have been told are often forgotten. Click the following link to learn more about Writing Your Story. In addition when you are on The Maine Spirit and the Horse Blog explore the Writing Your Memoir Category for more information and perhaps inspiration