Recently, I acquired an Art Gallery Catalogue that was published for the 1900 Maine State Fair in Lewiston. My goal is to contact historical societies to see if any of the paintings from the 1900 exhibit still exist. The first Society will be the Androscoggin Historical Society to see if any of the existing art may have been part of the 1900 display. The catalogue provides the name of the artists and their town of residence. Below is a list of the artists and their home towns:

  1. Miss Lily Ellsworth of Lewiston
  2. Will Sturdivant of Fryeburg
  3. Hart L.Woodcock of Belfast
  4. Susie M. Davis of Bangor
  5. Louise Frederici of Bangor
  6. Emma J. Rowe of Peru
  7. W.G. Hodgkins of Lewiston
  8. Maue Pulsifer of Auburn
  9. John Libby of Lewiston
  10. Ina Cushman of Auburn
  11. Fannie Love of Lewiston
  12. Mrs. Sidney C. Attwood of Auburn
  13. Mrs. A.M. Jones of Lewiston
  14. Myra D. Scales of Temple
  15. W. L. Merrill of Lewiston
  16. Minnie Jumper of Lewiston
  17. Mollie Jumper of Lewiston
  18. Lena M. Jones of Lewiston
  19. Mrs. L.G. Pulsifer of Auburn
  20. Will Kimball of Lewiston
  21. Mrs. George N. Drake of Lewiston
  22. Helen L. Varney of Brunswick
  23. Mrs. Agnes Nevens of Lewiston
  24. Mrs. Mary Totman of Fairfield
  25. Mrs. F.E. Kendall of Rumford Falls
  26. Howard Studio of Lewiston
  27. Perle V. Jumper of Lewiston
  28. Mrs. Agnes Nevens of Lewiston
  29. Miss Alice Crosby of Yarmouth
  30. Susie M. Davis of Bangor
  31. Mrs. E. H. Fox of Waterville
  32. Hazel Brown (amateur)
  33. Mrs. S.J. Wheeler of Fitchburg
  34. Hart L. Woodcock of Belfast
  35. Charles Dittrich of New York City
  36. Hiram Ricker & Sons of Poland Sprint
  37. Frank L. Dingley of Auburn
  38. Maine Bar — Judge Charles Walton and D.D. Coombs
  39. A.E. McDonough of Lewiston
  40. A Loan — Copy, Spanish Madonna, Murillo

The link below will provide you with a copy of the original publication!

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