August harness racing at Oakland Park in Gardiner, Maine attracted horsemen competing for pursing adding up to $1500.00. Horsemen’s names included J.B. Littlefield of Auburn, Sol Ryeson of Auburn, w.B. Smith of Gardiner, A. Tufts of Skowhegan, A.S. Pease of Gardiner, James Powers of Jefferson, Rufus Bean of Hallowell, L.J. Brackett of Windham, Walter Merrill of Dexter, C.H. Nelson of China, J. Stanton of Bangor, E.D. Harmon of Gardiner, W.H. Matthew of Searsport, S. Witham of Waterville, Farrar & Dean of Buckfield, Charles Crokett of Bangor, E.K. Woodman of Gardiner, S.A. Nye of Fairfield, Watson Blaisdell of Burnam, G.C. Goodale of Hartland, C.B. Wellington of Albion, J.C. Mitchell of Bangor, R.S. Taylor of Bangor, William H. Irish of Burnam, and J.A. Cilley of Fairfield.Oakland Park 1877 Storyboard web