This post provides readers with the opportunity to download two digital publications that address the possibility of creating a living and working environment that reintroduces people from within and outside the State of Maine to the horse. When the horse was king, Maine people understood the importance of the horse to their lives and its contributions to the State of Maine and the United States. In the 19th century and the early 20th century, the horse was the mover of our economy, our transportation to the marketplace, our worker in the field, our warrior on the battlefield and our entertainment on track. For many, the horse just may have been the talk of the town.

We need to learn from our past to see if those lessons can be successfully applied to 21st century solving issues in the 21st century begging for positive action leading to success.

Please take the time to review the survey results and my imagination exercise where I imagined a community and businesses tied to a Horse Park and Event Center featuring a half-mile track. Recognizing our history is a powerful reminder of who we are and perhaps a reminder of how much we have forgotten. This exercise of imagination offers the opportunity for the creation a destination resort that supports most aspects of Maine’s Horse Industries and the businesses that support the horse industry.

Download your digital documents by clicking the following links!

Lost Trotting Parks’ Survey Related to the Sport of Harness Racing

Imagine It! Maine’s Destination Resort & Living Community with Horse Park and Event Center