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This post provides data from the Maine Yearbooks or Maine Registers for the years 1871, 1876, 1879, 1881 and 1887. Through the four storyboards posted one can see the names of businesses and community leaders. The map of Carroll published in an Atlas of 1875 provides us with the names of the residents and the locations of their homes. The map also identifies the location of the trotting park.




1940 Census Data for Comparison to the names of families on the 1875 Map of Carroll.

1940 Census – Names by Page – Carroll Plantation, Maine
Heads of Households, Boarders, Related Family Members
(Note: Names under review for correct spelling)

Page 1:
Russell R. Osgood, Tillie Smith, Ralph E. Dickerson, Hiram E. Stevens, Vernon D. Clough, Orie KD Oliver, Fred M. Tolman, Lester H. Fenalson, David L. Hebb

Page 2:
Leslie Smith, Philip Bailey, Carroll Moores, John Maines, George O’Neill, Lewis A. Webb, Lyle J. Clough, Walter L. Black, Arthur, Russell, William H. McFarlin, Harold A. Lindsey, George R. Bishop

Page 3:
William F.D. Bishop, Ernest McLaughlin, Archie W. Sutherland, Stella M. Blanchard, Osgood Sutherland, Carl B. Noble, Clair D. King, Charles R.O. Bowker, Lillian Blanchard, Perch H. Smith

Page 4:
Ralph Thibodeau, Burke W. Lindsey, Leonie F. Thibodeau, Cloris Clark, Joe Clark, George H. Glidden, Carlton B. King, John W. Hall, Les E. Bowker, Frank Young

Page 5:
Lida A. Gray, Sybil McLaughlin, Elvena R. Goodwin, Henry Cole, Ivory McLaughlin, Fred E. Powell, Nolan Downes, Wilbur Springer, Niels G. Worster, Harland R. Moores

Page 6:
Harold M. Sawtelle, Gerald S. Moores, Charles E. Soverign, Victor Sovesingna, Fannie L. Merrill, Hiram G. Gardiner, Robert Hamilton, Chester M. Clough, Robert S. Moores, Royce A. Smith, Alvin H. Lindsey

Page 7:
Guy B. Lewis, Walter L. Danforth, Dwight P. Moores, Forrest E. Osgood, Alan Munson, Solomon McLaughlin, Leslie F. Sowereignes

Page 8:
Anna E. Cole, Levscar Cole, Estella Treadwell, Vinal M. Judkins, Edward G. Odgen

List of Ancestors identified on 1875 Atlas Map of Carroll, Maine

Residents: J.Gibbs, H. Judkins, O. Goodwin, Dr. P.C. Jones, W. Trask, G. Mayo, C. Richardson, G Cornforth G.B., J. Clay, C Drake, R.L. Gardner, R. Lyons, W. Bailey, C. Drake, W.C., S. Severance, Mrs. Larrabee, J.A. Larrabee, H.R. Bailey, A. Gates, H. Gates, H. Stevens, G.S. Hebbs, J.B. Bulcer, C.H. Rowe, S. Stark, A. Doble, M. Aldridge, J. Flanders, W.West, W.L. Abbott, F.C. Phillips, W.McKenney,B.S. Sh, T. Lowell, S. Damon, S. Chase Butterfield & Son, C. Brown, E. Brown, H. Brown, J. Gardner, J.T. Carr, J. Abbott, T.T. Muzzy, D. Ricker, C. Barker, H.R. McKenney, C. Munroe, J.H. Wallis, I.S. Sutherland, H. McKenney, S.M., J.S. Slough, D. Miller, H. McLaughlin, G. Sutherland, C. Noyce, S. Boyce, C. Oliver, G. Gates, P.O. (G. Curtis), H. Blanchard, Trotting Park, C. Lane, O.H. Lane, J. Lindsey, A.H. Lindsey, Z. Perry, W. Spencer, W. Perry, E. Spencer, Z. Bishop, D.W. Lindsey, C.M. Holmes, Hotel, G.Spencer, J.B. Trask, N.E. Muzzey, J. Cashman, Butterfield & Dennis, Gulliver, W. Danforth, C & F Danforth, J. Dicker, W. Oliver, G. Cochran, W. Lamb, E.H. Lamb, D. White, B. Lamb, O.L. Lindsley, J. Moody, Mrs. Moody, S.A. Oliver, S.H. Lothrop, A.M. Tolman, Gates Shingle Mill, W. Gardner., S.Ewings, A.King

Businesses: Gates Shingle Mill, C.M. Holmes Hotel, Butterfield & Dennis, C & F Danforth, Trotting Park, Post Office at the home of C. Curtis, Dr. P.C. Jones

Brooks: Trout Brook, Getchell Brook, Boyce Brook