The Nelson 4209 Bloodline

Nelson 4209’s historic bloodline still exists through the maternal bloodlines originating with his daughters
Suzette Nelson and Gertrude Nelson. In the 1890’s and as late as 1901, Nelson 4209 was bred with horses from other states. Both Suzette Nelson and Gertrude Nelson raced and were bred as broodmares. Suzette Nelson was bred with Baron Wilkes — the result, Suzette Baron who was bred with Bingen.

Their foal Nelson Bingen was one of New Zealand’s and Australia’s greatest sires. Suzette Baron was exported to Austria. According to John Peck, editor of Harness Racing International and, Nelson 4209’s bloodline through its mares still existing in Australia, New Zealand, Slovinia, and Canada. Telephone conversations with current owners of the bloodline indicate that other horses may existing in New York, New Jersey, and North Carolina. No research had been conducted to see if there are any Maine descendants of Nelson 4209. Today descendants of Gertrude Nelson include Gravel Gertie, Gravel Crusher, Spirit of Fire and Cenalta Fireworks. Gravel Crusher raced at the Meadowlands in 2010. These horses are in the sire line of Smokey Direct, a direct descendant of Gertrude Nelson. In a telephone conversation with Janet Terhume, who works for the United States Trotting Association, an additional maternal bloodline has been identified.

Gertrude Axwell, sister to Dorothy De Lopez , both daughters of Bertha Hall and granddaughters of Gertrude Nelson, foaled three daughters, Queenie Riggs (1939), Nancy Hall (1943) and Rhonda M Guy (1951). Queenie Riggs’ descendant Connie Bruiser was living in 1992. Nancy Hall had five daughters and Rhonda M Guy had two daughters. Additional research may prove that a true maternal bloodline is still intact.